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Benefits of Magnesium

Updated: 2 days ago

The research on magnesium is incredible to me. So much is out there on what Magnesium deficiencies can lead to in our bodies.

I have been doing Acupuncture for years, and this was something recommended to me years ago. There are many different forms of magnesium and much research on the benefits of each.

I personally drink Magnesium Citrate every night prior to bed for muscle relaxation in the form of "Calm Powder". I find that it relaxes me and eases any soreness in my muscles as well.

Although some may say the evidence is inconclusive, there is some research out there on how Magnesium plays a role in lowering blood pressure. #Womenshealth #Fitness #womenempowerment #wellness #healthylifestyle #selfcare #beautyandwellness

Brazil nuts
Brazil nuts are a good source of magnesium

Disclaimer: The content provided here is solely for educational purposes and should not be considered a replacement for medical advice. Prior to utilizing any health treatments, including natural remedies, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. Additionally, inform your doctor if you have a significant medical condition or are currently taking any medications.



Types of Magnesium: Benefits, side effects, and differences - Zia Shrerell, MPH, Medical News Today

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